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2005 February

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02.09.05 (7:54 am)   [edit]
Welp sorry I havent been on here for the past couple of days, time flies when you are bored off your ass. So I went to visit my mom right? Big mistake seriously, she tried to fix me up with one of our cousins friends, total jackass, by the way. My mother is determined that I have a boyfriend post haste, even though Ive repeatedly told her that Im not interested in having someone right now due to the fact Im really busy with my life. Ugh, well I hate to rant and run (hahaha)

Time to Rise and Shine
02.07.05 (10:38 am)   [edit]
Its too early for the shit to start, *rolls eyes* why cant people just leave me alone for goodness sake? I have to work today and I swear if I have to deal with one more snotty ass teenager that talks down to you like you are here to serve her skinny ass, Im going to seriously put my foot through her head. So harsh, yet so true. My mother called me this morning to ask when I was coming to see them (her and my stepfather) next, shes the type of person that if you dont come see her everyday, she will think you are disowning her and no longer wish to be her daughter. Parents are insane, so I calmly explained that I would stop over tomorrow when I have the day off. Talk about excitement, she giggled!! I do love that my mom loves me so much, but for goodness sake....a little independence please?

A small introduction to me, my name is Kasie. Weirdly a lot of people call me Kam, I dont mind, cause its only my friends that really call me that. I like it better then Kass, or case, or something stupid like that. Im an only child sadly. I never got the chance to have mom had her tubes tied after she had me, never did understand the reasoning behind that one. Therefore Im horridly spoiled, and with a lot of luck I live on my own. I dont go to college yet, which sort of sucks really. Not sure what I want my major to be, might be psychology, I like people a lot. I really enjoy writing however as well. Ive written a few things but have a bad habit of never finishing them. Its a character disorder I think. Im about 5'6, light brown hair and green eyes. Mom says I got my eyes from my dad, my dad was in an accident when I was 13...a moment in time I never like to talk about. But moving on, Im bi...and teetering on the edge of falling terribly in love with this one particular girl I know. Theres no help for it. My body is thankfully that of a normal non overweight 21 year old female, Ive been going to the gym here lately, trying to get toned. Its not working well...apparently chocolate ice cream is not part of a healthy diet? *laughs* Ah well...*shrugs*

Well time to go get ready for work *frowns* this is turning out to be a sucky day. Hmmm..maybe as a pick me up Ill go buy those cute little capris I saw at Aeropostale...*smiles* shopping..a weakness...see you all later!

The Me of Today
02.06.05 (9:31 pm)   [edit]
Oh today sucked I tell ya, I had to spend my time with my parents friends, I think the only good thing was that the Patriots won!! Awesome!! This is my first entry, Ive been so busy lately with other life issues that I completely forgot about doing this. did you ever have a moment where life was a total mess? I have those seconds everyday. I had to work today sadly before I got to go to the Superbowl bash. This really ugly ass girl came in, she totally needed a makeover. Im usually not a mean person but seriously, this girl looked like the ass end of a dog. Work can be such a pain but it doesnt really bother me too much, working at a store like this tiny boutique...prom time is coming and every girl is out shopping, sometimes I really hate snotty teenagers.

Well I think thats enough for today, Ive found some really cool blogs already on here, like this one girl shes like totally into telling the whole story, honesty is so hard to find in people these days. And she loves Amy Lee just like me! Isnt that cool? Evanescemce totally kicks ass, I was obsessed with their CD like forever. *laughs* I still am to be honest. Well Im gone for the evening leave me a comment if you want to!!